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    The complete details are explained all on this "one
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    learn a bunch of complicated systems. There is
    nothing complicated at all about this. Just a
    very simple straight forward approach to making
    a great residual income all in just the next few short
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    So read the short story below or watch the video
    that explains this simple and easy process. But do it right now and pay super close
    attention to each and every word being said because you do not want to miss a thing.
    Because even though it's easy enough to make $1,800 in just the next few days you won't want to
    miss a thing being said so you'll know exactly what to do. Then you'll immediately be able to start
    making this kind of money and actually start in just the next few minutes.

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This Video explains the Cha-Ching Success Formula!

    Quick! ... This is the quickest way to
make your dreams come true!

    Here's exactly how this process came about ...

    I was talking to a multi-millionaire friend of mine and in our conversation he happened to ask me
     something that instantly changed my financial future for the rest of my life and led me to this quick
     and easy process of making $1,800 in just a few short days. And ... I guarantee that it will change
     yours too when you see what this brilliant guy shared with me. I mean I couldn't believe it. In fact,
     it is so ridiculously simple that it almost made me mad because it's been right in front of me for
     about the last 9 years!!!

    So here's what he asked me. Now you should really pay attention to this because it's absolutely
    brilliant. This multi-millionaire friend of mine said" "so how's it going Frank? And I said: "great Jeff."
    Then he hit me with this question that changed my financial future forever, he said: "so what have
    you been up to, I suppose working one of those mlm things or whatever they're called now days?"
    I said: "yeah as a matter of fact I am, and this one is pretty darn exciting! So Jeff said: "what's so
    exciting about it?" I said: "well you know me, I love working on systems and things that make money
    consistently as well as making it for the long haul. What I'm doing right now has the potential to make
    me and anybody that joins me over $88,000 a month on an ongoing basis. Plus ... they can also make
    $1,800 every 1 to 7 days from "PHASE 3" so they can get some money coming in right away and
    then do it over again and again.

    Now check out what he said next ... he said: "so how long is it going to take you to make that? I
    said: "well, the one part is a 3x10 forced matrix and when the matrix gets full it will pay over $88K a
    month and that's every month and I figure I can have a pretty full matrix within just the next year or 2.
    That's when Jeff said something that totally blew me away ... he said: "you know that's the trouble with
    you guys is you always mess around for so long instead of just making it like we do in the real world in
    a few weeks or even just a few days. I said: "really and how is that?"

    Now I do have to admit that Jeff's right. When I had my traditional business off line I made as much
    as $34,000 in 13 days and my other business I made as much as $180,000 in just a few weeks.

    So anyway Jeff went on to say: "you know Frank, it's all in the way you guys treat these things. You
    treat them like there some little $25 or $50 or $100 program that you can join here and there instead
    of treating them like a product or a business in the real world." I said: "well just because it's online
    doesn't mean it's not the real world."

    Jeff said: "I'm not talking about that, of course it's still the real world and the business just happens
    to be online but the fact is, you guys treat them like they're some little game or something like it's
    small potatoes and believe me ... $88K a month is not small potatoes!! Plus ... being able to make
    another $1,800 every 1 to 7 days with "PHASE 3 " of your program is absolutely incredible. That's
    one heck of a lot of money!

Easy! ... just follow this proven quick-n-easy way to
Wealth Without Risk!

How to Quickly and Easily Leverage $100 (one-time) into over $1,800
every 1 to 7 days!  Then, simply doing it over again and again!!

(Be sure and turn up your speakers)
This Video explains "PHASE 3" of the Cha-Ching Success Formula!

    Now check this out, here's where he's going to tell me about this thing that totally changed my
    financial future - he said: "what's your comp plan like Frank?" I said: "the pay plan?" He said: "right."

    I said: "well here take a look," and so I showed him. Jeff asked me: "how long is it going to take you
    to get to this $88 grand a month?" I said: "well about a year or 2. Jeff said: "are you kidding?" Why
    don't you just do it in something like12 weeks? And ... do the $1,800 "PHASE 3" in just 1 to 7 days!
    I said: "right Jeff" although this guy does make multimillion dollar deals literally within just a few weeks
    or even days. So anyway ... I said: "so how am I suppose to make the $88K in just 12 weeks?"

    And that's when he asked me the million dollar question that made the light bulb go on. He said: "do
    you have a business plan for this?" And Bam!! That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks, I mean the
    light bulb went on in my head like it was as big as the 4th of July!!!

    I was like, oh my goodness! NO ... I don't have a business plan for this! He said: "right ... see again
    you're treating it like it's some little $25 or $50 or $100 program instead of treating it like what it really
    is. It's really an incredible way of making some serious money and doing it very quickly!" Plus, the fact
    is that "PHASE 3" all by itself is a phenomenal way of making a ton of money and doing it right away.

    Next Jeff said: "I'll tell you what I'll do, if you'll go ahead and pick up the tab for all of us when we go
    out to dinner this Friday night, I'll draw up a professional business plan for you that it'l knock your
    socks off and it will also work for anybody and everybody that joins you. I told him - Hey you got a

    So we all went out to dinner Friday night, Jeff, Jeff's wife a few other business partners and myself.
    Well when Jeff gave me his 12 week business plan I almost fell off my chair.

    Simple! ... Why wait months and years
when you don't have to 

    It was brilliant!!! I asked him, I said: "Jeff how did you come up with this? He said: "it's because I'm
    not into any of those things like you guys are online, so I looked at the pay plan and treated it just like
    I do my real business in the real world when we look at taking over a company for millions.

    He went on to explain that it's not about the company itself, it's not even so much about the great
    products that you guys offer that every marketer on the Internet needs. It's strictly about the pay plan
    and how you execute the pay plan. You have to have a simple plan of action that anybody can follow.
    You have to have a well laid out blueprint or map to follow just like we do in the real business world.

    He said: "whether you're dealing with millions or thousands ... you can't just leave it to chance. You
    have to have a system, a formula to simply follow for you and your people but you already know that
    Frank. It has to be a simple well laid out "business plan" that also includes a plan of action for a
    certain amount of time. The business plan has to be for your specific project and that's what I
    prepared for you. So Jeff continued to say: "here it is and now let's all just sit back and enjoy our

    Are you kidding?!!! At that point I mean I wanted to start doing back flips. But of course I sat there
    all calmly hoping everyone would just hurry up and eat so I could get home and study Jeff's plan of
    action for making over $88 grand over the next few weeks. Plus I wanted to see what he had to say
    about "PHASE 3" of the Cha-Ching Success Formula and making $1,800 every 1 to 7 days. I was
    thinking man ... you know how many people's lives this will change?

    Well I have to tell you when I got home I burnt the midnight oil studying each and every word and
    each and every figure that Jeff had laid out on that sheet. And here's the real kicker ... it was all on
    just 1 single sheet of paper. This thing wasn't a small book like I was expecting or some 3 ring
    binder jammed full of page after page! This was one simple sheet and here's what it revealed.

    It's brilliant  ... just wait until you see this.
It's a pure stroke of genius

    Jeff's brilliant Business Plan. Jeff showed me, using the Cha-Ching Success Formula that I already
    have in place how people could sign up in the 3x10 matrix which will allow them to make a long-term
    residual income of over $88,000 a month. People can use this as a rock-solid foundation for building a
    Lifetime Residual Income!"

    Then Jeff said: "Here's the real kicker Frank. Once a person gets signed up in your basic 3x10 matrix
    of the Cha-Ching Success Formula so they can build a stable long-term residual income, then ... show
    them how quickly and easily they can come into "PHASE 3" of the Cha-Ching Success Formula and
    immediately start making $1,800 in just the next 1 to 7 days. This will allow people to start making money
    right away instead of waiting.

    Then Jeff said: Now all you do is "share your proven marketing techniques and methods" that you use
    all the time to sponsor other people like crazy. Then you'll have people making a lot of money right
    away with "PHASE 3" and you've also created a good solid foundation for them with your 3x10 matrix
    so they can build a long term residual income.

    Now once you do this and show other people how incredibly simple and easy this is to do using your
    exact methods that you use for accessing millions of pre-qualified networkers (so obviously there's
    plenty of them) then all you do is just rinse and repeat this same process as many times as you want.
    This will blow everyone's income right through the roof!

    And ... it's really all because, you're able to show people how to build an incredible rock-solid Lifetime
    Residual Income by joining your 3x10 matrix. And ... at the exact same time providing them with a
    way to start making $1,800 immediately. And check this out. In addition just to make it foolproof by
    doing what you always do to help everybody succeed ... put everybody in your company-fed rotator
    which will also help them get "PAID" sign ups automatically. Then you'll literally have the "Complete
    Cha-Ching Success Formula" business that anybody can use and be successful.

    So there it was ... a way to immediately start making $1,800 within the next 1 to 7 days by signing up
    for "PHASE 3" of the Cha-Ching Success Formula! And ... at the same time providing a rock-solid
    foundation in the 3x10 matrix for people to build a Lifetime Residual Income. Then on top of that we
    would also add everyone to our company-fed rotator so we could also advertise and help everybody
    become successful and do it starting immediately.

A "Lifetime Residual Income" of over $88K a month coupled
with an instant way to Generate an "Immediate Income" is why people are signing up like crazy in the Complete
"Cha-Ching Success Formula!"

Just Imagine ... Making $1,800 Every 1 to 7 days!
Then quickly doing it over again and again!!

    At that point I was so excited because I knew the facts were there, the figures were there and Jeff
    was 100 percent right. Why wait to make all that money when you don't have to?

    So we immediately implemented Jeff's plan into our existing Cha-Ching Success Formula and
    we've been making money hand over fist with it every since. So all you need to do to join us and get
    started is click the link below which will allow you to join our Cha-Ching Success Formula 3x10
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    If you need any help we'll even take your phone call to answer any of your questions for you.

    So you have all the support you need right at your finger tips plus ... you even have us to sign people
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    really can't think of any reason why anyone would want to wait.

    We've already shown and helped hundreds and thousand of other people just like you do this same
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    So here's the question for everyone that's reading or watching this right now. Have you ever
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    Just Imagine what you would do with all that money! Would you pay off some bills? Would you use it
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    So with absolutely nothing to lose and everything
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